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KNF Neuberger is a leading global manufacturer of precision-engineered fluid handling equipment, including metering pumps. Founded in 1946 in Switzerland, KNF Neuberger has grown to become a trusted partner to customers across a range of industries, including medical, laboratory, chemical, and industrial.

Metering pumps are a key product offering of KNF Neuberger. These pumps are designed to accurately dispense small volumes of fluids in a variety of applications. KNF Neuberger's metering pumps are known for their reliability, accuracy, and ease of use, and are used in applications such as chemical dosing, water treatment, and laboratory analysis.

KNF Neuberger offers a wide range of metering pump solutions to meet the unique needs of its customers. The company's products include diaphragm metering pumps, piston metering pumps, and peristaltic metering pumps. Each pump is designed to provide precise, consistent flow rates, even in the most challenging environments.

In addition to its product offerings, KNF Neuberger provides a range of service capabilities to ensure that its customers receive the support they need. The company's team of experts can assist with pump selection, installation, and maintenance, and can provide on-site training and technical support as needed. KNF Neuberger also offers repair and refurbishment services to extend the lifespan of its customers' equipment.

One key advantage of working with KNF Neuberger is the company's commitment to quality. All of its products are manufactured to the highest standards, with strict quality control procedures in place to ensure that each pump meets or exceeds customer expectations. KNF Neuberger is ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified, and its products are CE, RoHS, and REACH compliant.

Overall, KNF Neuberger is a leading provider of high-quality metering pumps and related services. Its commitment to quality, innovation, and customer service has made it a trusted partner to customers around the world. Whether you're looking for a reliable metering pump solution or need assistance with installation and maintenance, KNF Neuberger is a partner you can count on.

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