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Manitowoc, WI

Since 1933 Oil Rite Corporation has been a leading manufacturer of industrial strength lubrication systems. We are known for our exceptional standards and innovational design as well as uncompromisingly excellent customer service. The lubrication systems that Oil-Rite Offers serve many industries around the world including industrial and commercial machinery, mining, steel mills, material handling and processing, recycling operations food and beverage preparation and packaging and many others. Oil-Rite lubrication products are used in many applications such as lubricating the car smashing machines at recycling plants. We can also automatically refill oil in big bearings. With over 80 years of providing quality service and exceptional products it’s no wonder that Oil-Rite Corporation is your lubrication system experts! One of Oil –Rite’s earliest product lines included constant level oilers used in combination with big bearings and gear boxes. Our innovative constant level oilers have been in use for the duration of our eighty yearlong rich history and it is a product that is used in many industries around the world today. Just a few examples of the products that Oil-Rite offers are Hydracision Multi-Point Lubrication System, Bulls-Eye Site Feed Valves, PurgeX Circulating Oil Systems as well as many others suited to fit any need. Oil-Rite engineers and technicians are some of the best in the business and will work with you from an ‘in-your-hands’ prototype, through the manufacturing process until your finished product is within your possession. If the product you need is not standard for Oil-Rite our engineers and technicians will work to come up with a custom lubrication system to perfectly fit your exact specifications. For more information on how to request a quote or make an appointment with Oil-Rite, visit our website or contact one of our dedicated customer service representatives to learn more!

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